Flemish Brabant surprises and connects

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Leuven regio2

Leuven is just a stone’s throw from Brussels and is a fifteen-minute train ride from the national airport. You can experience all the advantages of a big city in a charming small-town setting. No other city in Flanders captures the imagination quite like this centuries-old university city. It combines a rich historical heritage with a vibrant, exuberant urban culture and a creative energy that cannot be tamed. Art, culture, and science meet here and the passion for food and drink fills the city. You can taste the best of Leuven in lively cafés and excellent restaurants. So, Leuven is not only centuries-old but alive and kicking! Discover more.


Open landscapes, historic farms, and beautiful panoramas are the assets of the Hageland tourism region that stretches from the provincial capital of Leuven to the east. You can recharge in nature, wander among the endless rows of fruit trees and sweet grape vines, stroll along sunken lanes and on rugged hills.

Go on a journey of discovery through medieval alleys and cosy shopping streets, in magical beguinages, to churches and surprising museums. Or enjoy delicious, local products such as a fresh, traditionally brewed beer or the famous Hageland wine. The Hageland never disappoints and is fabulous in every season! Discover more.

Groene gordel

The Green Belt stretches out to the west of Flemish Brabant, in the heart of Flanders and Belgium. The three sub-regions, Pajottenland & Zennevallei, Brabantse Kouters, and Dijleland, hold Brussels in a green embrace. It may sound surprising, but the Green Belt is so surprisingly quiet and green precisely because of that big city in the centre. There is a wealth of parks, gardens, and natural sites. Together with the unblemished landscapes, the Green Belt is a surprising region where you can recharge, sometimes literally in the shadow of the capital. It’s a place to enjoy, which includes good food and beverages. With waving wheat fields and fragrant hops to make beer. With regional delicacies such as asparagus, Belgian endive, and table grapes for a gastronomic touch. And with sturdy Brabant draft horses, icons of the hard work in the fields. These assets are part of the charm of this extremely versatile piece of Flemish Brabant. Never really far away from the city, but still surprisingly green and quiet. In short, a region that’ll never bore you! Discover more.